Hello and Welcome to Koi Lady Products...

This web site will grow and change as we slowly introduce new products.  Koi Lady Products is an off-shoot of Midwest Koi (see www.midwestkoi.com), a Wisconsin based koi farm located in Stiles, Wisconsin.  

Our customers come from all walks of life, have different lifestyles and budgets, and we strived to serve them all, providing excellent  koi from inexpensive koi all the way up to the elite domestic and imports.

However, from time to time, everyone struggles with water quality issues, and koi health care, if something goes wrong.  

It doesn't help that many ponds that have been built in recent years, by landscape architects, designers, and contractors, are built 1) too shallow, and 2) with inadequate filtration.   People spend thousands only to have problems.  Many lose their fish to poor water quality, disease, predation, and lose heart.

Trying to solve our own water quality problems that come from keeping a lot of fish in stock for our customers, we used many of the products that you see in today's Lawn and Garden aisles in the big box hardware stores, or with specialty retailers online. As a rule they were expensive, not very effective, and worse, just not safe for ponds containing koi or goldfish.

Needing a solution, I contacted Team Aquafix, a state of the art laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin. (See:www.teamaquafix.com). Aquafix has an amazing reputation for creating custom bacterial and enzyme products to treat wastewater. 


Well, what is a koi pond but wastewater?  The owner of Aquafix, Kevin Ripp (also known as "The Bugman") grasciously agreed to let me test his bacterial and enzyme formulations in my own customer's ponds.  We found out what worked, and the brand was born.  Our very first product was created in response I believe is the number one killer of koi: Ammonia....enter Koi Lady Ammonia Fix!