Koi Lady Ammonia Fix! contains high amounts of active nitrifying bacteria, including Nitrosomas, Nitrobacter, and Nitrospira at the highest concentration in the industry.  Its Super-Concentrated State means smaller bottles, less waste, and the power to treat 10,000 gallons ten times!

Use to start, re-start, and fix the natural biological processes in your pond.

Directions: Test for Ammonia.  Any level above .25 ppm can be harmful to your fish. Rotate head of dispenser 45 degrees to open position.  Dose rate is 5 ml per 100 gallons, (approx one capful).
Don't worry too much about being exact -- it is impossible to overdose your pond with these bacteria as they are perfectly safe for your fish.

Wait 24 hours.  Re-test. Repeat procedure daily until you have reached safe levels. It may take up to 3 weeks to fully establish your bio filter. Store at room temperature.Precautions for Use: While the bacteria in this product are naturally occurring, they could cause stomach upset if ingested. Avoid skin contact, and keep away from children. Wash hands after use.

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